Unexpected Boatman (L. Lee McIntyre, 2011)

Welcome! I'm a photographer, teacher, and former software designer and usability specialist who has worked, traveled and taken photos all over the world. I'm a passionate photography educator who delights in discovering all kinds of hidden photographers. I offer both practical digital photography workshops as well as lectures on the history of photography, with a particular focus on introducing the works of talented yet often overlooked female photographers. 

That’s the topic of my current research, a project to share the stories of talented women who started their professional careers in photography between 1840-1930. I host a podcast, Photographs, Pistols & Parasols, to celebrate the accomplishments of these early artisan women photographers.  You can find Photographs, Pistols & Parasols on iTunes, Google Play Music or wherever you typically look for podcasts.  There's more information on the podcast and the project in general on the project’s website, p3photographers.net

Lectures: I offer talks about the history of photographers in general from 1840-2016, exploring their careers and tracing their impact on the development of photography. 

One of my specialities is introducing modern audiences to the important contributions by early female photographers, women whose accomplishments are too often over-looked and left out of the history books.  Recent public talks at universities and elsewhere have focused on the achievements of early women photographers from all over the United States, including women from Massachusetts, Kansas, Colorado, and Maine, to name but a few.

A list of sample other lecture topics can be found on my Lectures in American Photography page.  

Talks can be tailored to fit your group's interests and/or to fit into an existing university seminar series. Contact me for a complete list of topics and to schedule a talk. 

TrainingYou'll discover your hidden photographic talents and have more fun with your camera when you enroll in one of my Taking Better Photos workshops or sign up for a one-on-one training sessions. Anyone from beginner to advanced can benefit by learning just few simple, non-technical concepts about photography. It doesn't matter what kind of camera you have — I've taught people how to get more satisfying results with all kinds of digital cameras. Corporate workshops are available that can be customized to suit the needs of your business.  Contact me for more information on how to arrange for private, small group, or corporate training.

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