Coming into Focus: Women in Photography

In books about the history of photography, the work of women in the field too often winds up being marginalized or overlooked.  In fact, being called a "woman photographer" can often been seen as an implied criticism on the skill-level and/or subject matter of the photos made by a women. All photographers fight to get their photos appreciated as an art form, rather than something produced merely by a machine. However, the women I spotlight in the series Coming into Focus often also had to struggle to be taken seriously as skilled photographers. Even during their life times, they often face skepticism and sometimes downright hostility from their male colleagues, both photographers as well as those outside their field. 

Coming into Focus: Women in Photography explores the artistic achievements and influential legacies of some brilliant and sometimes overlooked early 20th century female photographers around the world, including professional photographers Gertrude Käsebier,  Frances Benjamin Johnston and Marion Post Wolcott from the United States, talented amateur and color pioneer Sarah Angelina Acland from the United Kingdom, celebrated Italian photographer Tina Modotti, and many others.

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